What’s this “listserv” thing people are talking about around here?

If you are currently involved in the Auburn Christian Student Center and would like to be added to our email group, please fill out the form below. You’ll receive updates from staff and students about all things ACSC – regular events, retreats, prayer requests, intramurals, random trips to Sonic, beach volleyball games, and more! Additionally, you’ll be able to send out emails of your own to the group (see below). Fair warning: you may receive multiple emails in one day. But let’s be real, Amazon probably sends you more emails than we do, anyway. And Amazon doesn’t let you email them back!


Sign Up for the Listserv
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Just joined the email group?

This email group includes over 300+ of our students. Other than announcements at Tuesday night Devotionals, it is the primary source for information from our ministry.  Anything that falls within the framework of interest to the ACSC can be sent out to the email group–prayer requests, ACSC event promotions, anything encouraging, requests for help…you get the idea. If you still not sure, then just listen in and you’ll get the idea by what you read. Bottom line, use it, read it and keep in touch with what’s going on within our family!

The address for this email will be given to you at Devo or once you sign up. You’ll see it in the “to” section of your first email from us!

A few ground rules:

1. No Marketing
2. No Spam
3. No Urban Legends (If you’re not sure of the accuracy of an email, then don’t pass it on. Check out it’s validity first)
4. No “chain” emails of any kind!! (except for the ones that we do from time to time to encourage our mission teams)
5. No selling of football tickets tThere’s a special place on our facebook page to do this).
6. No sending of anything else that would be considered a waste of everyone’s time or irritating

Leaving the ACSC Email Group

If you wish to leave the ACSC email group for any reason, please email Micah at micah@au4jesus.org. Sending to the entire group your desire to be removed doesn’t help. Thanks!